Retirement Planning / Transition to Retirement

Planning for retirement is one of life’s most important financial considerations. It is critical to ensure that you live the lifestyle you deserve and have dreamed about all your life once you finally reach retirement. After all, the actions taken today will determine how comfortable life will be in the future. Whatever your plans for retirement, we can help you decide on the most appropriate strategy to make your plans for retirement become reality.

We help you determine what type of retirement you would like to live, this begins with when you would like to retire, the type of lifestyle and activities you wish to undertake which will then have an impact on your expenses and ultimately help us identify how much you will have to safe to fund your retirement.  From here we examine your current situation, savings, superannuation, debts, age, employment, and income. We explore the opportunities you may have available to you and assess the various strategies that may be appropriate to help you realise your retirement dreams. Our strategies are based upon what you are comfortable with.

We assist with Transition to Retirement strategies (whilst still working), and provide a strategic ‘roadmap’ to retirement. We will provide scenario modelling, redundancy management and age pension entitlements.

It is important to monitor the strategies and investments on a regular basis to ensure they remain appropriate for your circumstances. This is critical as things change such as your expenses, income, jobs, legislation, personal health, the economy, and investment markets. What we recommend today may no longer be appropriate in 12 months’ time so we may have to modify and tweak strategies and investments from time to time.

Feel free to contact us and we would happily provide you with a quote on the cost after assessing your needs and objectives.